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Raja Ampat holds many adventures just waiting for you to discover and explore. When you stay at Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat, all of the Raja Ampat wonders are never far from you. Enjoy the ultimate Raja Ampat Resort experience together with your loved ones only with Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat!

From diving to canoeing to just enjoying the view, a stay with Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat means that the best of Raja Ampat Resort experience is always close, always ready for you to be enjoyed, complete with all the incredible beauty and wonders of Raja Ampat, Earth’s Paradise! The following are just some of the recommendations for activities and places we at Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat recommend to you so that you can fully enjoy your Raja Ampat Resort experience with us!

what you can do near our resort

Diving at Tanjung Kri

Cited by the notable scientist Dr. Gerald R. Allen as the place where he spotted the most amounts of fishes in a single dive.

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Nature trekking at the Islands!

Features an incredible amount of beautiful natural landscape to enjoy.

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The turtle adventure in Sayang and Piai!

Raja Ampat is also a major breeding area for two types of turtles: Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtle.

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Gliding through Raja Ampat on a Kayak!

Kayaking is the best method possible to explore and appreciate the serene beauty of Raja Ampat.

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Snorkeling at Gam Island

One of the best snorkeling experiences that you must not miss is snorkeling the mangroves at Gam Island.

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Caving into the beauty of Raja Ampat’s caves!

You may want to visit numerous exotic caves spread around Raja Ampat.

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Coastal exploration in low tide periods!

Every day you can actually explore and enjoy the beauty of exposed reefs and walk through.

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Dampier Strait

Dampier Strait is the passage of water between the Islands of Gam & Waigeo in the north and Batanta in the south.

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